Our Story

Gardone Val Trompia has always been the land of excellent master gunsmiths since the 16th century, as well as the historical site of the famous Pietro Beretta Weapons Factory, a legendary industrial entity founded in 1526, which made its name and the valtrumplino area famous all over the world.
Not only: it is also a recognized center of long-standing gastronomic tradition.
If the Alta Valle is in fact known for its grazing lands and fine cheeses produced on its green mountains, the town of Gardone Val Trompia has seen the birth of one of the oldest "Mastri Macellai" families in Brescia: "I Peruchetti" to which I have the honour of belonging.
Giuseppe Peruchetti, a Garibaldian from Gardone, returning from the "Expedition of the Thousand" led by Giuseppe Garibaldi, founded in 1870 the "Macelleria Peruchetti Giuseppe & C.", precisely in Piazza San Marco, in the historical center of Gardone (which still is the institutional branch), then he passed this noble art on his son Carlo who began to flank his father in 1895.
Giovanni Peruchetti, Carlo’s son, born in 1904, was as good as his father and continued to develop his father's profession, taking over the company in 1915 on the eve of the Great War. In 1940, he called his son "Carlo", after his dear father who had passed away. Carlo Peruchetti started working in the family butcher shop since he was 16, with commitment and dedication.
From father to son, the company grew in tradition and fame until today. My brother Giovanni and I, whose names were chosen as a tribute to the company’s founder and to our grandfather, together with our sister Paola, continue what our ancestors began with the same dedication and passion, carrying on the history of the ancient "Macelleria Peruchetti Giuseppe & C."
The company's business has always consisted in cattle and pigs butchery and the production of cold cuts typical of the Brescia tradition, until 1993, when the Italian law prohibited the butchery in historical centers.
As usual, we continue to butcher only animals born and bred in Italy, according to the most traditional methods of breeding. Furthermore, we age all our cold cuts in natural cellars to guarantee their wholesomeness and to continue bringing the genuine products and authentic flavors of the Brescia tradition on our tables.
Excellence is our creed as well as the food chain inspection.
We have inherited from our ancestors not only the art of slaughtering and butchery, but also a deep professional ethics aimed at protecting our customers. This is a very important aspect for my family and I.
In this regard, I’m proud to be one of the founders of the "Associazione Mastri Macellai Bresciani"which works daily to guarantee quality, accuracy and competence.
Giuseppe Peruchetti