Information to courteous consumers

We have always taken care and extreme attention in the preparation of our products. It is one of the reasons why we have been brilliantly on the market for decades. Precisely for this reason, in the face of the news that appeared in recent days on some information sites where 1 salami produced by us was contaminated, we immediately had the production batch analysis (03/10/2019 B) of the salami in question. You can read the result in the attached document where it is communicated that the remaining batch, which has already been used up, was TOTALLY NEGATIVE from any type of contamination. A verification that we wanted to make public to demonstrate our transparency and professionalism, always and in any case, towards the many, dear customers, who have relied on the Peruchetti family since 1870. I take advantage of this communication to wish you all a joyful Christmas full of happiness and thank you for your trust.

Giuseppe Peruchetti